100 Treasures / 100 Emotions: The Macquarie University History Museum

100 Treasures / 100 Emotions: The Macquarie University History Museum

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Editor: Professor Martin Bommas, director of the Macquarie University History Museum

Publisher: D Giles Ltd, UK

Format: Paperback (224 pages)

ISBN: 978-1911282808

This entirely new volume focuses on 100 works from a vast collection of 15,000 objects, to highlight the depth and history of the new Macquarie University History Museum, and its focus on the story and the human condition beyond the borders of space and time. The authors are united in a bold move to investigate objects from a non-standard, emotional perspective, using modern research to reveal the value and meaning in objects beyond the facts.

This story is told through a mixture of short essays and colour plates of 100 selected objects drawn from across five continents and over the course of 5,000 years. These objects—ranging from fragments of an ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead to a WWI era Turkish Star medal—have been chosen by 52 Museum staff and Macquarie scholars to achieve a representative and rigorously researched survey of human experience and creativity over five millennia. drawing on the depth and history of Macquarie’s collections. Professor Martin Bommas, coordinates short essays on each of the 100 selected objects by a broad range of academic authors, complemented by entirely new photography of the objects commissioned from award winning photographer Effy Alexakis.