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Academic dress sizing

The below table indicates the correct gown sizes for an individual's body height standing in flat shoes, ensuring the gown reaches the appropriate calf-length. If you intend to wear the gown with heels, you may need to consider a bigger size. Please contact us for more information

SIZE Height (metric) Height (imperial)
38 148-153cm 4'10"-5'
40 153-158cm 5'-5'2"
42 158-163cm 5'2"-5'4"
44 163-168cm 5'4"-5'6"
46 168-173cm 5'6"-5'8"
48 173-178cm 5'8"-5'10"
50 178-183cm 5'10"-6'
52 183-188cm 6'-6'2"
54 188-193cm 6'2"-6'4"
56 193cm+ 6'4"+